Leadership Team

Photo of Mrs. Villarreal
Sugey Villarreal, Principal
Latonia Dennis, Asst. Principal

Principal's Message

At Fairmeadows, we have high expectations for every student, and every faculty member. For starters, we are promoting and providing a safe and positive learning environment.  This year, we are asking that parents partner with us by ensuring that every child feels connected to the community and knows what it means to be a model student.  We understand that in order for teachers to teach and students to learn that they must be placed in a positive, learning environment— an environment whereby students are following the rules and comply with adult leaders.  We are asking parents to stay socially connected with their children and children peer groups in order to help us promote a positive, safe learning school environment. 

Additionally, this year we are going to reward students for making great academic strides.  The Principal CARE Award  C – Citizenship, A – Perfect Attendance, R – Responsible Student E – Excellent Grades.

Each month, I will have lunch in the cafeteria with these students and they will receive local restaurant certificates for their effort to strive for academic excellence as well as those students who make significant improvement.  

Academically, we are placing more emphasis on student acquiring 21st century learning skills to prepare them for a global society. Students gain the ability to collaborate, think critically, solve problems, and create products that are relevant to today’s society.

Some of our other programs include:

  • Ongoing classroom assessment to monitor student progress to address the struggling learner
  • GT Services that are differenced for higher learners
  • Bilingual Services for our limited English proficient students.
  • Power school tutoring and Homework Helpers
  • Strong Parents – Strong Father's Strong Families
  • Supportive PTA – Parent Teacher Association
  • An Effective Counseling and Guidance program
  • A staff and student body who are always eager to learn and achieve.

We are most proud to announce that our school received a distinction in Postsecondary Readiness which means a high number of students scored advanced on the STAAR assessment in the areas of reading, and writing. This year, we are aiming for the special distinction award in Reading and Math.  Please join us this year, as we raise the bar, and shine a light on our students as we reach our academic goals. 

We Care, We Create, and We are Growing Students!